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From Brian. Serving in Afghanistan.


The display case I purchased from is part of an anniversary gift for my wife. I'm currently serving in Afghanistan so it makes celebrating our anniversary together a little difficult, not that we are not used to it seeing we have been married 6 years (both of us are in the Army) come October and we have only spent two anniversary together. But in this case (pun intended) I can make our last separated anniversary (we are retiring) extra special. The display case I ordered (6 W x 12" L with Walnut finish) is perfect and exactly what I wanted. But, before I go any further, when I ordered this display case I let know I was in Afghanistan and asked them to pack the display case in preparation for a long and potentially damaging trip. Well they did just that, it arrived is perfect condition and to I would like to say Thank You. Now the Case its self is of superior construction, hinges and latches are quality and anchored well. The glass firmly seated and nicely cut and the foam insert with black felt covering fits tightly in the display case. I could find no issues or discrepancies with the case at all and just love it. I definitely recommend this case and to all looking for something of this quality in a display case, and will without a doubt order from them again. Thank you for your time.

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