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Handmade Shadow Box Cases for Your Keepsakes

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Every family has keepsakes and heirlooms that they want to pass down from generation to generation, and it's important that those memories are stored in a safe place. Photographs, medals, and other special items that are kept in a box in a closet can be easily forgotten about, or worse, destroyed by pests or fall apart over time. With a handmade shadow box display case, you can proudly display mementos for all to see, as well as keep them safe from damage.

At Shadow Box Cases, every wooden display case that we offer is handmade in the United States by expert craftsmen. We take great care to make sure every detail is perfect, from the quality of the wood to the placement of the glass. We use biscuits, not nails, to secure the corners, and the back of each case is built into the frame, not nailed on at the end. We believe in providing a superior product that you can be proud to own, and that you feel proud to place your precious keepsakes into for years to come.

If, after looking through our online store, you still don't see anything that catches your eye, you can submit a custom build request for a one-of-a-kind shadow box or display case. A custom case makes a perfect gift for a retired policeman, firefighter, or member of the armed forces, or for simply displaying your family heirlooms. No matter what you need a shadow box display case for, you can rest assured that our cases will be made with great care and precision.

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